The New Vocabulary A-Z

Vocabulary A-Z is an online resource teachers use to quickly and easily create vocabulary lessons for classroom instruction and assign activities for online practice. Watch this video to explore how easily you can integrate vocabulary into reading instruction and online practice activities with Vocabulary A-Z.

The new Vocabulary A-Z connects classroom instruction, practice, and assessment to help K-5 students build vocabulary and increase reading comprehension. Incorporate vocabulary support into your daily instruction with custom or pre-made word lists. Digitally assign word lists for independent practice through the Kids A-Z student portal or mobile app.

Students play fun, game-like activities to practice vocabulary and check their understanding. With online and mobile access, your students can complete assignments anywhere, anytime.

Customize your vocabulary assignments to meet students at their level, or to connect to a current unit of study.

Track results with Digital Activity and Class Assignment Reports. Use these reports to identify which vocabulary to reteach, and to connect instruction to practice.

Printable 5-day lesson plans provide added flexibility to support your Small-Group and Whole-Class Instruction.

Expanding your students' vocabulary is fun and easy with Vocabulary A-Z!

Try Vocabulary A-Z today!

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