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Learning A-Z Collections Overview

The Best Sidekicks for Teacher Superheroes

Learning A-Z believes that all teachers are superheroes, but we know that even superheroes need help sometimes. Our collections are ideal sidekicks because they combine the leveled resources every teacher needs to enhance instruction and engage students. By bringing together complementary products to address specific skills, like science literacy, language arts, ELL, and reading, these collections empower teacher superheroes to save the day. Watch our video to see which collection is right for you!

Every teacher is a superhero. But even superheroes need a helping hand…

In a world where teachers need to be able to quickly find and deploy standards-aligned resources, Learning A-Z Collections are the sidekick teachers have been looking for!


The Foundational Reading Collection combines a comprehensive blended learning experience with additional adaptive online reading instruction to address the learning needs of every student, at every level

The ELL Collection combines a wealth of leveled books with research-based resources specifically designed to develop English language learners’ social and academic reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills

The Science Literacy Collection combines engaging, developmentally appropriate content with hands-on learning opportunities to cultivate students’ critical thinking abilities, and develop both their reading and scientific literacy skills

The Language Arts Collection combines a wealth of reading, writing, and vocabulary resources and teaching tools to enable teachers to supplement all facets of their English language arts curriculum

And the Complete Collection combines all of Learning A-Z’s dynamic, award-winning literacy-focused resources to provide the comprehensive support teachers and students need to succeed.

A new dawn of teaching is upon us… And Learning A-Z’s cost-saving collections are here to help teachers answer the call. Explore your ideal collection now!

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