Headsprout Overview

Learn How Headsprout’s Research-Proven Instruction Grows Students’ Reading Skills

Headsprout has received favorable reviews in several outside studies for its ability to teach students important foundational reading and reading comprehension skills. Watch this video to learn how Headsprout’s proprietary scaffolded instruction teaches students how to read, comprehend, and think critically about text.

Headsprout is an award-winning online kids' reading program that puts your students on the path towards becoming successful readers.

With a cast of fun, animated characters to help them along the way, students log in using a computer or mobile device to complete short, instructional episodes that teach key foundational reading skills and comprehension strategies.

As students progress, episode by episode, the program tracks errors and addresses them right away, with personalized instruction and practice at the exact moment and in the exact amount needed.

This innovative online instruction is delivered in three unique instructional sequences, early reading, reading comprehension, and advanced reading comprehension.

The program's early reading sequence teaches students the critical foundational reading skills of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

The early reading sequence also includes engaging books after each episode. Sprout stories foster students' love of reading. Once students have mastered the basics of learning to read, they begin reading to learn, developing important reading comprehension skills along the way.

In the reading comprehension sequence, students learn how to utilize inferential, factual, main idea, and derived meaning comprehension skills, and then, how to select which of these skills is required to answer different types of questions found on summative standardized assessments.

Headsprout advanced reading comprehension adds 50 episodes that introduce new strategies to help students follow and interpret a broader range of texts and work with new vocabulary, including synonyms, idioms, and prefixes.

Using Headsprout's proven approach, students move towards reading proficiency, and become better prepared for classroom and standardized tests.

Headsprout includes a quick placement test that determines which episode each student should begin at within the program.

The Kids A to Z management hub contains a number of detailed reports that allow you to easily monitor your students' recent activity and progress.

Headsprout is a critically- acclaimed reading program proven to get results. Start using Headsprout today, and watch your students' skills grow.

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