Headsprout At A Glance

See How Headsprout Takes Students on a Digital Journey to Become Better Readers

Headsprout is an online reading program that teaches students to read through interactive instruction that adapts to each student’s unique learning needs. Watch this video to see how Headsprout’s innovative instructional approach helps students learn to read so they can read to learn.

Learning to read is an exciting adventure.

Headsprout, an award-winning, online program puts your students on the path towards becoming successful readers. Headsprout navigates your students' journey by customizing reading instruction every time they log in.

Click on the "ish" in "wishes." A cast of friendly characters keeps kids motivated and engaged along the way.

phonics. Fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension – once students have mastered the basics, they begin reading to learn.

Developing important comprehension skills along the way, students advance episode by episode, starting with simple reading strategies until they are able to make complex inferences, transforming your students into confident, capable readers.

Choose the fun method of instruction thousands of teachers and parents are already using.

Start your students on their Headsprout journey, with a free two-week trial today!

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