Data Literacy Workshop

Make the Greatest Impact With Data Literacy

Help teachers maximize effectiveness by using data to inform instruction. When effectively analyzed and leveraged, data helps teachers understand where students are in their learning and identify necessary instructional strategies to bridge skill and proficiency gaps.

Through this four-part Data Literacy Workshop, Learning A-Z professional learning experts leverage Raz-Plus resources to help teachers address skill gaps and inform instructional practice. Success is subsequently measured by teachers’ ability to turn data into action. Contact our team to learn more.

As an educator, I aspire to create lifelong learners. The challenge I face is creating lessons that meet each student's needs, to engage them in the learning process.

Student data is available, but I need to bridge that data to my instruction to make a meaningful difference with my students. The Learning A to Z Data Literacy Workshop supported me to do just that. Because of this workshop, I can identify gaps in student achievement, and better understand which resources will help my students succeed, which I then turn into instructional plans.

Invest in Learning A to Z's Data Literacy Workshop.

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