Headsprout: Report From the Florida Center for Reading Research

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In its report on Headsprout Early Reading, the Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) reviewed the components and instructional design of the program. The report explains central aspects of the design behind Headsprout, and lists multiple strengths of the program. The FCRR noted that Headsprout does not have observable weaknesses.


The Florida Center for Reading Research noted the following strengths for Headsprout Early Reading:

  • High levels of interactivity
  • Abundant feedback for students
  • Adequate sequence for teaching sounds
  • Cumulative review throughout the program
  • Focus on fluency
  • Frequent opportunities for students to read aloud

Weaknesses: none were noted.


Learning A-Z (revised 2016, May). Florida Center for Reading Research: Headsprout Early Reading. Tucson, AZ: Author.

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