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ELL Edition: Supporting English Language Learners

Products: ELL Edition
Class Type: On-Site Workshop, Custom Webinar
Class Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Class Description

This on-site workshop provides ELL educators that teach grades PreK-5 a deep dive into using the research-based resources that are included in Raz-Plus ELL Edition. Explore the resources and strategies you need to reduce ELL students’ anxiety about learning and encourage their curiosity about vocabulary, reading, and writing.

In this on-site workshop, learn how to:

  • Navigate Raz-Plus ELL Edition
  • Identify resources and activities to address the specific learning needs of ELL students
  • Incorporate cooperative learning activities with heterogeneous groupings for sheltered instruction
  • Organize content for authentic reading and writing focused on big ideas
  • Plan hands-on activities using authentic materials, modeling, and demonstrations
  • Use strategies for building academic language and key content vocabulary
  • Make connections between academic content and home/community literacy
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