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Raz-Plus Benchmark Assessments

Assigning and Reviewing

Products: Raz-Plus
Class Type: Live Webinar
Class Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Dates Offered: October 6 and November 4, 2020

Class Description

This live webinar shows you how to save valuable instructional time by assessing and monitoring student reading performance using digital Benchmark Assessments in Raz-Plus. Learn how to assign assessments and have each student send recordings to your In Basket in a three-part assessment process that provides you with a more complete picture of their reading abilities, while making it easy to monitor their progress. There will be time for questions and discussion.

In this live webinar, learn how to:

  • Place students at the appropriate reading level using digital Benchmark Assessments
  • Determine students' readiness to advance to the next level after they complete assignments
  • Monitor student reading progress over time
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