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Raz-Plus and Content Area Connections

Products: Raz-Plus
Class Type: On-Site Workshop, Custom Webinar
Class Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Class Description

If you are striving to provide more integrated lessons that teach your students 21st century skills, this class, which can be delivered as a custom webinar or on-site workshop, is an ideal fit. This class explores how to align Raz-Plus resources with instruction in social studies, science, art, and math to ensure that students gain necessary practice with creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration.

In this custom class, learn how to:

  • Implement ideas and tools for using Raz-Plus to create lessons that address 21st century literacy skills
  • Align resources across levels or tiers of instruction
  • Work with and move between whole and small groups
  • Align vocabulary instruction with literacy and content area curriculum
  • Motivate students and increase content area knowledge
  • Assemble a portfolio of Raz-Plus resources that can be used to teach literacy skills while enhancing students’ content area knowledge
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