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Supporting Close Reading With Raz-Plus

Using Close Read Passages and Paired Books

Products: Raz-Plus
Class Type: Live Webinar
Class Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Dates Offered: October 26 and November 30, 2020

Class Description

This live webinar explores how Raz-Plus Close Read Passages and Paired Books address today’s rigorous standards in which students need to be able to think critically to uncover the layers of meaning within text and deepen their comprehension. Learn how to use Close Reading Packs to help students build important 21st century skills as they read related passages and collaborate to communicate their answer to an overarching Key Question. In addition, gain insights into using Paired Books to promote higher-order thinking, such as making comparisons among texts.

In this live webinar, learn how to:

  • Guide students to cite evidence in support of an answer
  • Organize Paired Books and Close Reading Passages in the File Cabinet
  • Create custom assignments using Close Reading Passages and Paired Books
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