Implementation Pathway

Equip teachers with the support they need to make the greatest impact in their classroom.

Learning A-Z Implementation Pathways offer job-embedded learning experiences for cohorts of up to 25 to deepen your teachers’ understanding of their Learning A-Z resource and strengthen the impact it has in the classroom. Contact our team to learn more.

Each Implementation Pathway includes

  • A professional learning expert to guide a cohort of up to 25 teachers through the entire learning pathway.
  • Three live webinars to equip teachers with foundational knowledge of their product, digging deeper into strategies with each consecutive webinar. Each webinar includes time to plan for classroom application.
  • Implementation cycles that offer structured, job-embedded practice that follows a Discover-Plan-Implement-Reflect structure.
  • Learning Community office hours to engage in collaborative problem solving with your colleagues and professional learning expert.

Contact our professional development team to learn more.

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