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Teaching process writing while inspiring student creativity is not an easy task, but  Writing A-Z has the blended learning resources you need to support student writers at every level. With blended learning options for teacher-led instruction and independent student practice, Writing A-Z guides students through process writing while encouraging creativity.

Process Writing with Personal Narratives

Personal narratives are a great way to get students comfortable with expressing themselves creatively. Writing A-Z’s personal narrative lesson plan structures teacher-led instruction, and the online Build-A-Book tool allows students independent practice with drafting their creative ideas.

All Writing A-Z process writing activities, including personal narratives, can be completed at four levels—Beginning, Early Developing, Developing, Fluent—so every student gets the support they need to tell their stories.

In-Class Guidance

Writing A-Z personal narrative lesson plans can span up to two weeks and be modified for all learning levels, and all activities and resources can be adapted to your curriculum and students’ needs.

Before students begin drafting personal narratives, introduce them to a sample of a good personal narrative. Writing A-Z provides projectable personal narrative passages, so you can read a sample out loud while highlighting, annotating, or underlining parts that exemplify good writing. After students observe your active reading model, you can ask them to discuss the passage’s main idea and details, as well as the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Next, share some inspirations for a personal narrative, such as remembering a fun weekend, a great meal, a field trip, or a holiday celebration. Once students brainstorm ideas and choose a topic, they can develop their idea in a graphic organizer that accompanies the lesson.

Students Get Creative

After the in-class prewrite activities, students compose their personal narrative online with Writing A-Z’s Build-A-Book tool. With the option to revise multiple drafts and edit, Build-A-Book allows students to embrace their imaginations and the writing process. To encourage revision, you can give students a revision checklist in class to take home as a guide while they complete their Build-A-Book personal narratives.

By translating the ideas, events, and details from their graphic organizer into the Build-A-Book template, students can see their narrative come to life and share a final published version with the class. Students have the option to add illustrations from a collection of hundreds of images that can depict events, settings, or people from their personal narrative.

Encouraging Student Writers

From structured teacher-led instruction with print and projectable resources, to online tools and opportunities for revision, Writing A-Z has what you need to implement a blended learning model for writing in your classroom. These resources make it easier to guide students through the writing process and encourage them to think of themselves as independent authors.

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