Writing A-Z Activities for 21st Century Skills

When students practice writing for various purposes and audiences, they also develop 21st century skills—creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication—that are key to success in the classroom and beyond. Writing A-Z has differentiated materials that structure a variety of writing experiences for every student. With Writing A-Z activities, students hone 21st century skills by imagining exciting story plots, revising drafts, co-writing with their peers, and sharing their writings with the class.

Write Your Way


Inspire your students with Writing A-Z tools that support creative writing projects.  Write Your Way is an online tool that guides students through planning and creating short, one-page compositions on any topic. Wordless Books and Story Cards are printable and projectable resources that also support creative writing skills. With Wordless Books, students write creative captions for richly illustrated projectable and printable books. Printable Story Cards are short prompts that help students craft engaging narratives by giving students initial ideas for character, plot, and setting.

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Critical Thinking

Writing A-Z  Process Writing tools encourage critical thinking and metacognitive skills by helping students revise drafts and think about their own writing processes. These tools include editing guides, posters, writing process guides, graphic organizers, revision checklists, writing samples, leveled book connections, and rubrics for a variety of writing genres. By using Process Writing tools in digital, printable, and projectable formats, students learn to read their compositions from an audience’s perspective.



Build-A-Book is an interactive, online writing tool that students can use to create collaborative group stories. With a library of thousands of images that can accompany any kind of plot twist or character arc, Build-A-Book supports creative story telling that small groups of students can complete together. Student writers gain confidence with writing and developing ideas by using Build-A-Book’s interactive supports for drafting, revising, and editing short stories.



The digital  Kids Writing Library is an interactive forum for students to share and communicate their ideas. Once students have completed their compositions, teachers can publish them to the Kids Writing Library where the whole class can read and discuss their writings. This forum gives every student an opportunity to hone their communication skills by responding constructively to peers’ writings and becoming better readers of a variety of genres.

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