Why Your Students Will Love Headsprout

Every child can learn how to read, and Headsprout makes reading accessible for every child at every level. After 80 episodes of Headsprout’s Early Reading program, non-readers and emerging readers are able to read at a mid-2nd grade level. Then, 50 more episodes of the Reading Comprehension program ensure that students learn higher-order skills such as making inferences, identifying the main idea and details, and learning vocabulary in context.

Here are some features that make Headsprout a student favorite.

Interactive Environment

Headsprout’s game-like environment makes reading fun for all students. As students move through episodes that isolate particular literacy skills, they interact with vibrant characters and settings. Animations featuring curious aliens and colorful planets create a background for students to engage with reading puzzles that help them connect sounds to letters and words. As students play with the characters and puzzles, they learn reading skills that help them navigate future episodes.

Adaptive Instruction

As students complete Headsprout episodes, the program’s error pattern analysis interprets students' strengths and weaknesses to determine how they are acquiring reading skills. If a student continues missing a particular question type, the program slows down and re-teaches a skill or concept until students master it. By adapting to every student’s level, Headsprout lets students feel a sense of accomplishment and gain confidence as they advance levels at their own pace.

Home-School Connections

Because Headsprout is an online program, students can access it anytime, anywhere with an iPad, laptop, or other mobile device. This 24/7 accessibility makes reading a family activity that can be done outside the classroom. When students use Headsprout at home, parents and guardians have the opportunity to guide their children in practicing reading skills and navigating through the program. The parent-child reading time fostered by Headsprout builds positive connections for learning and encourages children to continue reading.

Incentives and Rewards

Headsprout keeps students engaged with a variety of incentives that motivate them to continue reading. Students earn stars as reward points for completing episodes and assessments, and those stars can be used toward personalizing their own space-themed environment and character. Students can use stars to purchase equipment, furniture, plants that customize their Raz Rocket’s space-themed environment. They can also customize their own robot avatar with colorful accessories.

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