Headsprout: An Effective Response to Intervention Solution

At this midpoint of the fall semester, you may have noticed that some students need additional, structured reading support. If you are looking for effective reading programs that provide a  quality response to intervention (RtI) model, then Headsprout may be the solution for your classroom. Headsprout is an online learner-led, research-proven program that improves reading comprehension and fluency for kindergarten to fourth-grade students. It is ideal for reading interventions because it meets students wherever they are in their reading development and gives them targeted, individualized skill-building support until they become established readers.

Program Structure

Early Reading: The 80 episodes in Headsprout’s Early Reading program take non-readers and beginning readers to a mid-second-grade reading level in 30 hours of instruction.

Reading Comprehension: The 50 episodes in Headsprout’s Reading Comprehension program take mid-second-grade level readers to a mid-fourth-grade reading level in 25 hours of instruction.

How It Works

During the Early Reading program, students learn fundamental sound-letter associations that help them decode texts. They learn sight words and other foundational skills such as phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency while practicing decoding, segmenting, and blending.

As students continue into the Reading Comprehension episodes, they develop core comprehension strategies that help them think critically about what they’re reading. Students also learn to draw inferences from text, derive meaning from context, figure out the main idea, interpret diagrams and illustrations, and demonstrate higher order thinking and problem solving skills.

Throughout both the Early Reading and Reading Comprehension portions of Headsprout, students practice alphabetic awareness and sound-to-word awareness by interacting with engaging animations and games. Each episode provides moment-to-moment adaptivity that ensures students only proceed to the next episode when they have mastered a particular skill. This embedded smart error correction in a game-like environment helps students acquire skills at their own pace.

Benefits and Results of Intervention

Headsprout is an ideal response to intervention reading program because it ensures that students who have fallen behind can develop critical reading and comprehension skills, increase vocabulary, and recognize over 90 phonetic elements and over 100 sight words. Through the program’s gradual progression, students learn how letters make sounds, how sounds make words, how words combine into sentences, and how sentences link to form a story. There have been over a dozen peer-reviewed publications describing the effectiveness of Headsprout, and hundreds of thousands of kids learn to read and comprehend with Headsprout every year.

While Headsprout is ideal for any student needing extra support in an engaging reading environment, it is also a great fit for English Language Learners, who gain extra exposure to English pronunciations and have opportunities to practice spoken English.

Want more information about how students using Headsprout make up to 7 times the reading gains compared to students not using the program?

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