Headsprout Mobile Access Fosters Home-School Connections

With the increase of mobile devices in homes, it’s become easier to translate school-based literacy instruction into activities that can be done outside the classroom. Headsprout is available through the Kids A-Z mobile app, which allows families and students to experience the benefits of its interactive learning program on any mobile device. Headsprout subscribers can access the program through their Kids A-Z app and make the most of adaptive, flexible reading instruction at home or on the go.

Why Kids Love It

Headsprout’s availability through the Kids A-Z mobile app offers a flexible learning environment that feels more like a game than traditional literacy instruction. Students stay engaged as they travel through colorful worlds and interact with lively characters. As students practice foundational reading and comprehension skills, they earn incentives and rewards—like opportunities to build their own characters in Kids A-Z—for successfully completing levels and acquiring new skills.

Increased Access

Available through Kindle, iPhone, Chromebook and Android platforms, Headsprout ensures more students have an opportunity to engage in literacy development outside the classroom. This accessibility encourages parents and guardians to play the role of tutor as they observe and guide their young readers through Headsprout reading adventures on their mobile devices.

Great for a Range of Ability Levels

Headsprout’s mobile access ensures that more students at all reading levels can engage with responsive reading instruction. Suitable for every student in your class, including beginning readers, English language learners, students receiving intervention services as well as gifted learners, Headsprout’s adaptive learning sequences keep students engaged and learning anywhere at any time.

Get Started Today!

If you already have a Headsprout subscription, you can access it through your Kids A-Z app. If you are just getting started, try a free 2-week trial of Headsprout to experience its effective online and mobile formats.


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