Happy Birthday, Headsprout!

Celebrating 20 Fun-Filled Years

More than 150 million episodes of Headsprout have been watched by kids around the world. Why do so many kids love this reading program? Because it’s so much fun!

Here at Learning A-Z, we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of the creation of Headsprout, one of our most beloved products and one of the most successful reading instruction tools available for PreK–5 classrooms.

Kids and teachers love Headsprout because it’s dynamic and engaging, utilizing interactive instruction that adapts automatically to each student’s unique learning needs. When kids use Headsprout, they go on a digital journey through colorful worlds, following a path that helps them become successful readers.

Along the way, students meet adorable characters, experience fascinating adventures, and take advantage of flexible tools that adjust to help them succeed. Headsprout’s one-of-a-kind environment encourages students at every level, while the program’s innovative adaptive features are proven to achieve results even with struggling readers.

That’s why educators around the world rely on Headsprout: because Headsprout users actually demonstrate reading growth that’s 7 times higher than non-users.* While the program adapts to each student’s learning abilities, it’s taking them on an exciting journey, guiding them to complete their own level-appropriate path.

Be sure to check out the Breakroom’s exciting three-part series:  Experience Headsprout, with articles about the reading program, adaptive reading instruction, and how students can use Headsprout to become strong readers.

Learning to read can be fun AND successful with Headsprout. If you’re not already a customer, sign up for a free trial to experience Headsprout today!

Headsprout 20th Anniversary

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*Headsprout Spring 2011 Pilot Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

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