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Part 3 - Learn About Writing A-Z’s Three Interactive Student Tools

Engaging Digital Writing Skills For Kids

Like everything else, improving writing skills requires practice. Writing A-Z provides a collection of kid-friendly interactive writing tools students use to refine their writing and submit assignments online to their teacher. Each student-writing tool is adjustable to align to each student's developmentally appropriate writing level.

Build A Book

Turn your students into authors with this engaging tool kids use to create their own full-color books complete with illustrations.

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Process Writing
Process Writing Workshop

Help your students master the 5 steps of the writing process with interactive, step-by-step guides for writers at 4 developmental levels.

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Write Your Way
Write Your Way

Encourage your students to write every day with this digital tool, which is perfect for short compositions like journals, essays, or responses to reading.

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Writing Library
Kids Writing Library

Share your students' exemplary writing online on the Class Writers' Wall or the Class Writers' Bookshelf so students can read each other's work.
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