ReadyTest A-Z Teacher-Led Test-Taking Lessons

Printable and Projectable Lessons and Activities

ReadyTest A-Z Lessons

ReadyTest A-Z's collection of teacher-led test-taking lessons builds student confidence and prepares them for the rigors of high-stakes assessments. Each lesson is designed to introduce and model a specific test-taking skill or strategy students need to achieve success on standardized assessments, and follows the gradual release "I Do, We Do, You Do" model of instruction.

Preview Lessons

Teach students to set a purpose for reading, identify various text types, and preview test questions to efficiently respond to the text.

Stamina-Building Lessons

Teach strategies that help students focus their attention on the task at hand and sustain their reading energy during lengthy exams.

Close Reading Lessons

Teach careful analysis of text by using strategies such as identifying key information, summarizing, and finding evidence in sources.

Comprehension-Monitoring Lessons

Teach students to monitor their own comprehension as they read text using context clues or grammar and structure clues.

Question Analysis Lessons

Teach students to better understand the language and vocabulary of test questions by recognizing academic vocabulary and question types.

Put It All Together

Ties all the skills students have learned ā€” using the text-taking lessons ā€” into one engaging wrap-up game.

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