ReadyTest A-Z Product Features

Quality Practice ELA Tests and Test-Taking Lessons

ReadyTest A-Z was created to develop the skills students need to successfully attack texts and become prepared for the rigors of high-stakes summative assessments. The product contains a wealth of materials that help students develop and improve the skills they need to succeed in rigorous testing environments.

ReadyTest A-Z features

Printable and Computer-Based ELA Practice Tests

Prepare students for high-stakes ELA assessments with auto-delivered grade-appropriate practice tests that gradually increase in text difficulty and length to build student confidence and test-taking stamina.

Technology-Enhanced Items

Provide multiple opportunities for students to practice using technology-enhanced items on computer-based exams.

Smart-Response Rationales

Provide instant feedback on correct and incorrect computer-based practice tests that encourage students to read closely and learn from past mistakes.

Teacher-Led Test-Taking Lessons

Introduce and model the various skills and strategies students need to succeed on high-stakes tests with a collection of printable and projectable lessons.

Automated Reporting

Quickly track individual and class-wide progress on computer-based practice tests to determine future instruction needs.

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