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Raz-Plus is Your Ideal Blended Learning Platform

Delivering a Blended Approach to Reading Instruction, Practice, and Assessment

Raz-Plus is designed to provide differentiated reading instruction, practice, and assessment for every student, at every level. The product's online delivery makes it easy for teachers to download resources and create assignments to ensure students improve reading proficiency and develop important 21st century skills.

Standards-Aligned Reading Instruction

With more than 50,000 resources to choose from, Raz-Plus provides easy-to-use correlations to help teachers quickly find the standards-aligned materials they need. Whether used for whole-class, small-group, or one-to-one learning, these high-quality books, passages, worksheets, and activities allow educators to provide blended instruction and keep students engaged.

Purposeful Reading Practice

Mastery of reading skills and fluency is achieved through ample practice. With more than 3,000 leveled books and additional reading resources available in printable, projectable, and online and mobile formats, Raz-Plus delivers the developmentally appropriate resources each student needs to continuously improve his or her reading skills — from early emergent readers to students reading above grade level.

Complete Reading Assessment

A variety of assessment tools allow teachers to place students at the right level, monitor reading progress, and inform instruction. Raz-Plus provides benchmark books and passages for placement and progress monitoring, as well as print and digital comprehension quizzes with each leveled book for embedded formative assessment. The product also includes other teacher and digitally administered assessments to ensure that each student is mastering foundational skills and making fluency gains throughout the year.

Raz-Plus Assessment


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