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Raz-Kids Product Features

Digital and Mobile Leveled Books and Quizzes

Raz-Kids' self-paced assignments deliver appropriately leveled books and quizzes for kids to read. Students automatically progress to books with more challenging text complexity when they complete assignments. With a robust collection of features that empower students to improve their reading while making it fun, it's easy to see why students read hundreds of millions of computer-based and mobile eBooks each year.

RAZ-Kids Features

Leveled eBooks

Provide the differentiated reading practice kids need to grow as readers and students with a library of more than 500 leveled books students can listen to, read, and record themselves reading.


Ensure student comprehension with corresponding eQuizzes that follow the completion of every eBook that include multiple choice and constructed response questions.

Interactive Annotation Tools and Features

Engage students as active readers, and provide opportunities for them to develop important 21st century and Common Core skills, including critical thinking, close reading, and understanding the main theme or idea of a book.

Engaging eLearning Environment

Make reading fun with the Kids A-Z eLearning environment, which provides a personal library for every student and includes built-in incentives and awards that keep them motivated and engaged day-to-day.

Digital Reporting

Digital reports provide instant feedback on every activity or assessment a student completes, including the activity progress, assessment score, and feedback on specific Common Core skills.

Spanish Translations

Access hundreds of leveled eBooks and eQuizzes translated into Spanish — ideal for ELL, bilingual, and dual language programs.

French Translations

Access hundreds of French translated eBooks at different levels of text complexity, all with accompanying eQuizzes — perfect for immersion programs or native French reading practice.

Mobile Access

Take reading on the go with the  Kids A-Z mobile app, which includes students' leveled reading content on Apple, Google, and Amazon mobile devices.


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