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Headsprout Adaptive Reading Comprehension Instruction

Instruction Designed to Teach Reading Comprehension Skills

Headsprout's research-proven reading comprehension instruction develops students' comprehension and close reading skills. Throughout the sequence, students gradually learn key comprehension skills such as finding facts, making inferences, identifying main ideas, and learning vocabulary in context.


Proven Results

Headsprout's reading comprehension sequence has proven to help students comprehend and think critically about text, and succeed on end-of-year standardized assessments. In 1 classroom study, students using the reading comprehension sequence were found to make more than 7 times the reading gains compared to their peers not using the program.


Headsprout's reading comprehension sequence can be used in a variety of ways to help students develop the comprehension and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in most areas of study and on standardized assessments.


Helps students learn important comprehension strategies necessary for long-term success


Advances students' comprehension and critical thinking skills as students move through the program


Quickly teaches comprehension skills to students who have fallen behind their peers


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