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Welcome Texas Instructional Leaders!

Raz-Plus is an award-winning, extensive collection of resources, tools, and an engaging student-facing environment that is so comprehensive and robust that we have submitted for Proclamation 2019. Raz-Plus strengthens and connects teacher-led reading instruction, independent practice, assessment, and reporting. We’ve put together this page to help guide you through the resources and samples we have provided as you conduct your extensive reviews of curriculum materials for your students.

Watch the Overview Video

Please watch this brief overview video to get an overall sense of Raz-Plus ELL Edition. This is a great place to start.

Digital K-5 Literacy Curriculum Aligned to the TEKS

Download this comprehensive document including the letter, resource examples and supplemental materials to discover what Raz-Plus can do for your district.

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Literacy Curriculum Map with TEKS and ELPS Alignment

Preloaded File Cabinet folders come populated with instructional resources that provide a sample scope and sequence to teach the TEKS. Districts can further customize the folders to meet their needs, or choose optional Resource Mapping services from Learning A-Z.

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Supplemental Materials to Support ELA

Although, Writing A-Z, Vocabulary A-Z, and Headsprout are not a part of the Proclamation 2019 adoption, these writing and reading programs can complement the Raz-Plus ELL TX Edition to fill your gaps and help students achieve all of the Texas student requirements.

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Check Out Raz-Plus Recommended Resources

In addition to our renowned leveled books, this handy reference lists 10 of our most recommended resource types on Raz-Plus. They are all accessible when you log in to the product.

Download 10 Raz-Plus Resources You Should Be Using

Download 10 ELL Edition Resources You Should Be Using

Download 10 Raz-Plus Resources You Should Be Using with Intermediate Students

Developing Foundational Skills to Gain Proficiency in Reading

Review Texas Correlations

Review the TEKS and ELPS correlations documents online. Each link will take you to specific areas of the product, where you will need to log in to review the materials.

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Third Grade   Fourth Grade    Fifth Grade

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English Jackson
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