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"Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids are both integral parts of my instructional practices. It is powerful for students to have their own easily accessible library with a wide array of genres as a resource."

Reading A-Z

"I am able to connect with all students using the leveled books. The rigor and lexicon exceed other reading programs."


"Raz-Kids has allowed for me to scaffold and differentiate my instruction seamlessly. The online leveled books and quizzes allow me to spend more time reviewing vocabulary and other reading skills."


"Our family loves Headsprout! My now 10-year-old learned how to read with Headsprout between three and four years old. My six-year-old is finishing the program with a firm grasp on decoding language. My four-year-old just started the program but has been peeking over his brother's shoulder for quite a while. He reads a lot of words already! The kids don't think of it as 'school work'. They want to play the Headsprout 'game.' I am delighted I found the 'game' so long ago. It has been an excellent launch pad for a love of reading. Of all the products we have tried, this is the one the kids stick with without resistance or complaints."


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