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Writing A-Z: A Great Fit For Your Blended Learning Classroom

If your blended learning classroom is in need of a student-centered writing resource, Writing A-Z is your solution. It combines instruction, independent practice, assessment, and reporting to empower students to use writing as a way to express themselves creatively and think critically. Writing A-Z makes it easy to move from whole class to small group instruction, manage student assignments and scores, and inform future instruction based on student progress.

Read on to learn why Writing A-Z is a great fit for your blended learning classroom and get sample downloads of leveled writing materials!


Writing A-Z materials are made with five ability levels in mind—Emergent, Beginning, Early Developing, Developing, and Fluent—so all students have an opportunity to practice writing in whole-class lessons. Projectable worksheets allow you to demonstrate writing skills for the class, and research-based lesson plans can be adapted to your students’ needs. Process Writing Lessons come in projectable and printable formats for introducing students to multiple writing genres and strategies.

Independent Practice

With Writing A-Z, students have three options for online independent practice. The Build-A-Book feature gets students in touch with their inner authors by guiding them in drafting and publishing their own fiction and nonfiction stories. The Process Writing Workshop guides the student through the writing process with animated tutors every step of the way. With Write Your Way, students create short compositions like journals, free writes, quick essays, or reading responses.


Writing A-Z inspires students to take charge of their own writing development by providing revision checklists for self-evaluation that help students understand the traits of good writing. Writing A-Z also provides print and electronic rubrics that help you track students’ progress.


Your Writing A-Z dashboard shows how many online activities your students completed and how many of your students are writing at each level, which are determined by students’ writing scores and completed activities. All online writings are sent to your In Basket for evaluation and scoring, and Writing A-Z compiles individual student scores into class wide reports that show how your students’ writing skills are improving. You can also record scores from print activity sheets in your In Basket to collect more data about your students’ writing progress.

Writing A-Z’s leveled resources can be adapted to any blended learning classroom. Browse these samples and get your students engaged in fun writing activities today!

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