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What You Can Find In The Science Literacy Collection

Science Activities, Experiments, and Leveled Books

The Science Literacy Collection combines Raz-Plus and Science A-Z to deliver a comprehensive STEM and literacy instructional solution. Raz-Plus provides leveled reading instruction with books in print, digital, and projectable formats, and Science A-Z’s multilevel science readings and activities empower students to practice and apply STEM concepts. After reading about what you can find in the Science Literacy Collection, be sure to get downloadable samples of Raz-Plus and Science A-Z resources to share with your students.

Leveled Texts

Raz-Plus books come in 29 different levels, so all of your students can access content at their grade appropriate level. Science A-Z also offers multilevel books in Low, Mid, and High versions to accommodate all students’ learning needs. Raz-Plus’ Content Area Reading section also provides non-fiction books that can be paired with multilevel Science A-Z materials.

Hands-On Activities and Experiments

Science A-Z Process Activities give you everything you need get students thinking and acting like engineers and scientists with materials you can find at your local hardware or craft store. Science A-Z FOCUS (Focused Opportunities to Construct an Understanding of Science) Books also give students opportunities for hands-on science experiences. At the end of each FOCUS Book, students can complete a “Be A Scientist!” or “Be An Engineer!” challenge, an inquiry-based activity that encourages students to apply the skills illustrated in the book.

Active Reading Options

Both Raz-Plus and Science A-Z’s projectable texts are great for demonstrating active reading skills in class because they allow you to take notes, draw, or highlight on your smartboard. Students can use these same features during independent online reading practice. With Raz-Plus and Science A-Z, students can listen to eBooks and record themselves reading out loud. You can listen to the recordings to evaluate and track students’ fluency progress.

Assessment and Reporting Features

Raz-Plus and Science A-Z eQuiz questions are tagged with comprehension skills and their scores identify the areas in which a student may be struggling. When students complete online Science A-Z and Raz-Plus activities, their scores are automatically sent to your Kids A-Z In Basket for grading. With class-wide and individual reports that show your students’ progress in skills like identifying the main idea and making inferences, you can better plan future instruction to address students’ learning needs.

Standards-Aligned Resources

Your students will be prepared to meet state and national learning standards with Raz-Plus and Science A-Z activities that engage their critical thinking and comprehension skills. With Raz-Plus and Science A-Z Project-Based Learning Packs, students collaborate to analyze texts, discover an answer to a key question, and present their findings to the class. Each pack has everything you need to meet your district’s or state’s science and reading standards.

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