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What You Can Find In the Language Arts Collection

Personalized English Language Instruction

Instill a love of language in your students with the Language Arts Collection. This collection combines  Raz-PlusVocabulary A-Z, and Writing A-Z to give your students everything they need to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

The Language Arts collection delivers comprehensive instruction that encourages students to express themselves critically and creatively, and it can enhance your language arts classroom in these 4 ways.

What the Collection Can Do For You

Spark Students’ Excitement

With Raz-Plus, students can choose from over 2,000 leveled books and earn rewards after completing eQuizzes. Vocabulary A-Z provides word lists centered around high-interest topics that encourage students to experiment with new phrases. By using Writing A-Z, all students become authors with online tools for writing books and creative compositions.

Support Standards-Aligned Instruction

Raz-Plus, Vocabulary A-Z and Writing A-Z are designed with state and national learning standards in mind, so you know that when you plan lessons and activities, all your students will be honing the skills they need for success on high-stakes assessments.

Promote ELL Success

ELL students can read and listen to Raz-Plus eBooks while following along with highlighted words to practice fluency and listening skills. Vocabulary A-Z provides targeted word lists that center on parts of speech as well as social and academic terms. With Writing A-Z’s ELL Guide, you can plan appropriate writing instruction for ELLs.

Customize Language Learning

Raz-Plus books come in 29 different levels, so all students can read high-interest texts at a level that’s right for them, and since Vocabulary A-Z word lists correspond to Raz-Plus books, your students can get extra practice with the words they encounter.

Want to see more from the Language Arts Collection?

Get a closer look at leveled resources from Raz-Plus, Writing A-Z and Vocabulary A-Z with these free downloads.

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