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Help Students Set Goals With Vision Boards

Help students set clear intentions for the year ahead with our printable Vision Board!

Visualization and Goal-Setting

Visualization involves creating a mental image of a future event. During visualization, neurons in the brain interpret mental images as equivalent to real-life actions. Neural patterns are created as though the actions were physically performed.

When students practice visualization, they see the end goal and envision the steps to get there. Glimpsing a possible future trains students’ brains for that reality and encourages them to pursue their goals.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visualization tool that gets students thinking about what they want to accomplish either academically or personally. With a vision board, students create visual representations of goals through a collage of pictures and words.

The board serves as a daily reminder of what students want to achieve and helps motivate them to make their vision a reality.

What You’ll Need to Make a Vision Board

Grab the following supplies to get started on a vision board activity in your classroom!

Vision Board

How to Make a Vision Board

Follow these simple steps to guide students as they create their own vision boards.

  1. Download and print our Vision Board printables to lead the vision board activity.
  2. Use the first page of our printables, the Vision Board Brainstorming sheet, to have students write academic and personal goals.
  3. After brainstorming, explain that students will be looking through magazines to cut out images that represent their goals.
  4. Set out magazines and scissors so students can begin cutting out pictures.
  5. Once students have their images, pass out glue sticks and the second page of our Vision Board printable, where students will paste their pictures.
  6. Have students mount the Vision Board page onto construction paper or poster board. Students can use markers or crayons to further decorate their board.

Give students the choice to display their vision boards in class or at home so they can keep their eyes on the prize: their goals!

Download Vision Board Printables

Download Vision Board