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Leveled Books and Resources for Veterans Day

On November 11, we recognize and celebrate military veterans who have served our country. If you are looking for readings and lessons to complement your Veterans Day classroom activities, a subscription to Reading A-Z or Raz-Plus will offer you the resources you need to teach students about this important holiday.

Featured Leveled Book

Veterans Day is an informational book that examines what it means to be a veteran and why we have a special holiday to celebrate them. With color photographs and details about what it’s like to live as a veteran, this book introduces students to the important role veterans play in our lives.

Project Based Learning

The America’s Army Project Pack encourages students to investigate the question "Why did the United States establish an army, and how can we show that the army has changed over time?" This pack includes an anchor text, The Gettysburg Address, and various reading resources such as charts, letters, and posters that guide students in answering the driving question and understanding the historical and current roles soldiers play in American society.

Graphic Books

Graphic books are an ideal way to engage reluctant readers and introduce students to blending visual and textual literacies. The Tuskegee Airmen: The Best Kept Secret illustrates what happens when white airmen finally meet the respected soldiers behind the P-51 fighter planes who protected them during WWII. This book can be paired with the nonfiction book The Tuskegee Airmen, which explains how an African-American squadron became one of the most successful military units in U.S. history. Students will also enjoy Stubby the Hero, the story of a brave dog who helps a WWI soldier wounded in battle.

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