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Take Your Classroom on a SAZ Adventure!

No Permission Slips Needed, Explore the World of Science Anytime You Want

Blast off on a SAZ Adventure! We’re thrilled to launch an all-new, original video series available now in Science A-Z, that takes your classroom on a virtual field trip to see how science is applied outside of the classroom. Each video corresponds with a science unit in the areas of Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Engineering Design. Students will accompany hosts Doug and Jane, as they demonstrate how the concepts introduced in corresponding science units apply to the real world around them.

Science is everywhere and students are encouraged to apply what they have learned from their virtual field trip to their everyday lives. They will be encouraged to observe and explore science at home, in nature, and all around them! Each Adventure is supplemented by Video Discussion Questions, as well as SAZ Adventures Teaching Tips that provide standards connections, key vocabulary, and other instructional support.

SAZ Adventures are listed with the Science Videos and can be found here:
ScienceA-Z.com > Resources > Activities > Multimedia > Science Videos > Filter by SAZ Adventures (look for the rocket)

But the fun doesn’t end there!

Interactive Science Lessons

Put your students in the driver’s seat of learning with virtual science labs designed to teach students to think like scientists! Interactive Science Lessons help students dig in to the fundamental concepts of science on their own, by walking students through challenging Science topics, and stimulating scientific thinking. These engaging lessons support a variety of learning styles and help bring the material to life through visual and interactive devices. Check out the preview video below, and stay tuned for more information!

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