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Science in the News for February 2019

Exciting New Science Stories and Activities

Every month, Science in the News offers fascinating stories, activities, images, and information on all kinds of interesting topics, taking students on a scientific adventure. Because each issue comes in versions targeted to early, middle, or upper elementary students, there’s something for everyone.

February’s issue features a cover story about camouflaged moths hiding from bats. These moths have developed what’s called “acoustic camouflage” to prevent bats from finding them with echolocation. This camouflage includes a fluffy, furry body and bumpy wing scales, which together can absorb up to 85% of the sound waves sent out by a hunting bat’s calls.

Other stories include coverage of the safe landing of two astronauts who were on their way to relieve current crew members on the International Space Station (ISS). When their rocket boosters failed, their capsule parachuted safely back to earth. They’ll be returning to the ISS at the end of this month!

Another story describes a Chinese company’s plans to launch a satellite in 2020 to light up the night sky over the city of Chengdu: an artificial moon eight times brighter than the real Moon, whose reflective coating would deflect sunlight toward the city, reducing the cost of electricity. But how will this light affect nocturnal animals and the work of astronomers?

This month’s technology story covers a university in England, which may soon offer 3D professors not physically in the classroom. The actual teachers can be anywhere on the planet, taking advantage of a special setup that transmits their 3D image and voice, a “teacher hologram.”

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