ReadyTest A-Z Complements Raz-Plus In Your Blended Learning Classroom

Want to make sure that your students are truly ready for success on standardized tests? Combine the leveled books and activities of Raz-Plus with ReadyTest A-Z Practice Tests for a blended learning solution that ensures students can transfer reading comprehension skills to standardized assessments.

While Raz-Plus helps students hone reading skills with just-right leveled books, ReadyTest A-Z Practice Tests supplement leveled reading instruction and guide students to success on test day and beyond.

Practice Leveled Reading

When students use Raz-Plus to practice key literacy skills, they read books at their proximal level of development, which sometimes means reading books that are below grade level. Regardless of a student’s reading level, he/she will get meaningful practice with comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills through Raz-Plus. Digital and printable assessments help both you and your students monitor progress across reading levels and skill development.

Transfer Reading Skills

After students engage with leveled books in printable, digital, and projectable formats with Raz-Plus, you can use ReadyTest A-Z to evaluate whether or not your students are ready for standardized grade-level assessments. ReadyTest A-Z’s lesson plans allow you to coach students through building test-taking stamina as they close-read grade-level texts and answer questions about vocabulary, identifying the main idea and details, understanding author’s purpose, and other common reading skills and strategies.

ReadyTest A-Z Practice Test score reports identify the skills that students need to work on, so you can assign leveled resources that help students hone those particular skills.

Closing the Skill Gap

Using ReadyTest A-Z Practice Tests as a supplement to Raz-Plus helps you close student reading skills gaps and connect reading skills with test-readiness. ReadyTest A-Z and Raz-Plus work together to ensure students demonstrate reading skills as they move from independent leveled text up to grade level texts. Together, Raz-Plus and ReadyTest A-Z reinforce critical thinking habits like close reading, prediction, and annotation, allowing you to target reading instruction for each student’s individual needs.

Introduce your students to ReadyTest A-Z today by downloading these sample practice tests!