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Personalize Instruction with the Reading Essentials Collection

The Reading Essentials Collection combines Raz-Plus and Headsprout to give you the power to personalize reading instruction for students at all levels. By using both products together, you get thousands of resources that put students on the path to being confident, independent readers.


Raz-Plus provides over 50,000 printable, projectable, and digital reading resources that personalize reading instruction for all students. With books at 29 different reading levels, every student can find a book to enjoy, and each book comes with a step-by-step lesson plan and activity sheets that you can use for whole-class or small-group instruction. Students can log into Raz-Plus at home to continue independent practice with interactive eBooks that encourage active reading skills and eQuizzes that measure student comprehension.


Headsprout is an adaptive online reading program that teaches young children to read and challenges fluent readers to hone their critical thinking skills. With smart-error correction technology, Headsprout ensures that each student masters a reading skill before moving on to the next reading episode. Headsprout Sprout Stories can be printed out for classroom use, and students will look forward to continuing their reading adventures for at-home practice.

Combined Benefits

  • Resources for Whole-Class Instruction: Raz-Plus delivers printable and projectable books, activity sheets, and assessments that can be used in the classroom to introduce new skills, model active reading strategies, and monitor student progress.
  • At-Home Practice Options: Students can access Raz-Plus leveled eBooks at home or on the go. Each eBook comes with interactive eTools so students can highlight and underline text, take notes, and build vocabulary. Headsprout’s online reading program can be enjoyed anywhere and it encourages practice at a student’s proximal level of development to ensure he/she remains engaged.
  • Targeted Assessments: Raz-Plus eBooks come with eQuizzes that target the particular comprehension skills (identifying main idea; defining author purpose; comparison and contrast, etc) that students practice while reading. Headsprout provides benchmark assessments when students have completed a set amount of episodes and practiced certain reading skills.
  • Reporting: With 24/7 digital access, you get immediate results from your students’ Raz-Plus and Headsprout assessments. Online reports display results for student progress with particular reading skills, so you can make informed instructional decisions based on individual or class-wide data.

Want to see how the Reading Essentials Collection will engage your students? Get free trials for Raz-Plus and Headsprout today!

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