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Build Dual-Language Skills With New Authentic Spanish Books and More

More Choices, Greater Engagement – Part 6

About the More Choices, Greater Engagement Series

This series of articles introduces you to the exciting new product features and instructional content launched for Back-to-School 2018. Explore how these updates create more choices for students and engage and motivate them in new ways. Check out the other articles in this series to learn more!

New Spanish Resources and Spanish Text Leveling System

Just in time for Back-to-School, new Spanish resources are here and making a splash! In addition to the large selection of Spanish resources already available in Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z, we have now added Authentic Spanish Books and Spanish Close Reading Packs. We have also launched our new Spanish Text Leveling System and adjusted our 1,000+ Spanish leveled books to ensure that students in bilingual, dual-language, and Spanish immersion classrooms have access to best-in-class, culturally relevant content at their reading level.

What Is It?

Many elementary students do not have the opportunity to read books written in authentic Spanish. The new Authentic Spanish Books are written in Spanish, by authors from Spanish speaking countries, giving students access to authentic experiences with culturally relevant texts. Currently, Authentic Spanish Books provide students with nonfiction texts about life in Spanish-speaking countries and biographies of well-known and accomplished Latin Americans and Latino/a Americans. Stay tuned for more Authentic Spanish Book collections coming soon.

Spanish Close Reading Packs support students in analyzing text while working with others. Close reading requires students to analyze, evaluate, and think critically about a given text. The new Spanish Close Reading Packs help students practice these skills as they read a text multiple times.

The Spanish Leveled Book collection includes more than 1,000 titles at 29 different levels that progressively increase in difficulty to help students improve their Spanish literacy skills. Each book has been leveled using the new Learning A-Z Spanish Text Leveling System to ensure accuracy and consistency.




Where Is It?

You can access all Spanish resources in the Spanish and More World Languages section under the Resources tab on Raz-Plus or Reading A-Z.

Spanish & More World Languages in the Raz-Plus menu

How Do Students Use It?

The new Authentic Spanish books provide students access to an expanded selection of level-appropriate, culturally relevant titles. Teachers can use these titles for small group instruction in class or assign to students for independent practice at home.

With the implementation of the new Spanish Text Leveling System, students who are reading at different levels in Spanish have access to books that are most appropriate for them. Teachers can choose level-appropriate books for native and non-native speakers, and support them in their Spanish literacy development.

New Spanish Close Reading Packs, translated from the English versions, promote careful analysis of text while building the 21st century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. Students practice these skills as they read a text multiple times, while the teacher guides inquiry with text-dependent questions and connected text.

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