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New Interactive Science Lessons in Science A-Z

Help Your Students Think and Act Like Scientists

New to Science A-Z, Interactive Science Lessons provide virtual science labs that encourage students to take charge of their own science journey. These lessons help students learn to apply the fundamental concepts of science, while they explore important and complex ideas.

Carefully crafted text and corresponding audio walk students through difficult scientific concepts. Each part of the lesson builds on the one before it, helping to scaffold instruction as students master each new concept. The visual and interactive approach supports a variety of learning styles and help bring the material to life. Students develop knowledge and skills on a deeper level by interacting with science in a virtual, engaging format.

Like most resources on Science A-Z, Interactive Science Lessons help satisfy science standards while also supporting reading comprehension. By digging into the main ideas of science on their own, students develop a stronger understanding of how to think and act like a scientist.

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Take Your Students On a Virtual Science Field Trip with SAZ Adventures!

Now you can take a class trip anytime you like – no permission slips required!

In addition to providing your classroom virtual science labs through Interactive Science Lessons, Science A-Z has also launched SAZ Adventures – a video series to take your students on virtual field trips!

Join hosts Doug and Jane as they transport your students out of the classroom and demonstrate how the concepts introduced in corresponding science units apply to the real world. Each adventure includes Video Discussion Questions, as well as SAZ Adventures Teaching Tips that provide standards connections, key vocabulary, and other instructional support. SAZ Adventures are listed with the Science Videos. (Look for the rocket icon.)

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