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Meet Some Colorful Headsprout Characters!

Happy 20th Birthday Headsprout

In honor of our Headsprout birthday celebration (did you see our first birthday post?), we’ve got a fun way to help you celebrate with us! We’ve made adorable masks for some of our most popular characters, which you can download, print out, and give to your students to wear. There’s a PDF of character masks attached to this post, along with instructions, so just click on the download button and you’re in business. We encourage you to have fun with them!

They’re just a few of the fun characters you’ll meet as you journey through Headsprout—and we’ve even got some new ones on the way! Meet the characters featured in the masks:


Jingles: A bit of a musical prodigy, Jingles plays the bass and the triangle. She loves to go hiking and typically hangs out on rocks. She also loves to wear dresses and pretty colors. An imaginative dreamer, Jingles also frequently takes initiative, planning social events and organizing parties. She’ll bring peppy energy to any group and enjoys making sure that any gathering has happy music, great decorations, and a fun roster of activities.


Blake: Confident and cool but very kind, Blake is the “big brother” type. A natural mentor and protector, he likes to take other kids under his wing. He’s great at sports, smooth on the dance floor, and successful in the classroom, so he’s an all-around leader. Adventurous but stable, he loves to have fun and will come up with exciting ideas, but he’ll also make sure everyone is safe and protected throughout their activities.


Scout: Playful and imaginative, Scout is typically up for anything. She’s the teacher’s pet, but she loves to daydream and often finds herself focusing on things other than the task the teacher has given her. She pursues her own fascinating interests, like comic books, regardless of what everyone else in the class is doing. Exceptionally nice and eager to please, she helps others whenever they need support or assistance. Energetic and even a little quirky, Scout’s special qualities make her a true original and a valuable friend.


Fling: The ultimate prankster, Fling is the definition of the class clown. He’s impulsive, so you never really know what he’s up to or what he’ll do next. His intensely active imagination means he can go from working hard on a construction project to pretending to be his idol: Humphrey Bogart. Fling is so funny and animated that he is a magnet to those around him. He adores bananas.


Sprout: Unusually responsible for her age, Sprout is the type who always writes thank you notes, and wears a raincoat if it might be a wet day. She’s independent, so she may not join sports teams (she’s a bit too uncoordinated to play sports anyway) but she adores reading, so the book club is one of the organizations she’s happy to be part of. Curious and constantly learning, she’s especially interested in star-gazing and gardening. A thoughtful and caring friend, she enjoys solitude at times, and lives happily in a mushroom.

Even if you’re not already a Headsprout customer we encourage you to enjoy these celebratory character masks. Download them for your students while you enjoy your free trial!

Headsprout Masks

Celebrate the Headsprout Anniversary With Us!

Download these fun character masks for your students to enjoy!

Download the Fun

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Post photos on Twitter of your kids wearing the masks and tag us with #Headsprout – and we’ll retweet your posts! We can’t wait to see how you use these cute masks.

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Even if you’re not already a Headsprout customer we encourage you to enjoy these celebratory character masks. Download the masks for your students while you enjoy your free trial!

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