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Learning A-Z Collections for Blended Learning

Learning A-Z collections combine complementary products to deliver comprehensive solutions that help you differentiate instruction for language arts, science literacy, reading, and English language learning. Every collection makes it easy to blend and reinforce classroom instruction with developmentally appropriate online student practice, maximizing the impact you can make on student learning.

Here are some examples of how you can use each collection to enhance whole-class and small group classroom instruction, independent practice, assessment, and reporting.

The ELL Collection

Raz-Plus and the ELL Edition combine to engage ELLs in practicing reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in English. Raz-Plus offers printable, projectable, and digital books in Spanish, French, Polish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese, and the ELL Edition’s resources are made specifically to address the needs of English language learners. Learn more >

  • Whole-Class: ELL Leveled Reader Packs include 5-day lesson plans, activity sheets, and rubrics, all focused on one leveled book.
  • Small-Group: Raz-Plus Project-Based Learning Packs structure collaborative, inquiry-based activities that help small groups of students form their own knowledge about a subject.
  • Independent Practice: Online ELL Vocabulary Packs can be assigned to individual students to complete at home for extra vocabulary practice.
  • Assessment: Printable ELL Assessments track students’ language skills progress at key points in the school year.
  • Reporting: The Raz-Plus dashboard shows you how many assignments students have completed and the skills that students need more practice with.

The Science Literacy Collection

By putting together Raz-Plus and Science A-Z, this collection ensures that your students develop critical literacy skills while practicing and applying STEM concepts. Learn more >

  • Whole-Class: Raz-Plus multilevel content area books come with lesson plans and activity sheets that guide students in practicing critical thinking and comprehension skills.
  • Small-Group: Science A-Z Process Activities engage small groups of students in hands-on explorations of scientific concepts.
  • Independent Practice: Students can read online FOCUS Books outside of class to learn about specific, science topics in depth.
  • Assessment: Every Science A-Z Unit Nonfiction Book comes with an eQuiz that evaluates how well students understood the science concepts illustrated in the book.
  • Reporting: Science A-Z and Raz-Plus dashboards show how students are progressing with science and literacy skills.

The Reading Essentials Collection

With Raz-Plus and Headsprout, your students get a spectrum of opportunities to practice and master foundational skills, like phonics and fluency, and more advanced skills, like critical thinking. Learn more >

  • Whole-Class: Raz-Plus Close Reading Packs focus on a Key Question that the class explores through reading 4 different passages and answering a question related to a Connecting Passage.
  • Small-Group: Raz-Plus Learning Centers help students practice foundational skills with activities and games set up in different areas of the classroom.
  • Independent Practice: Headsprout Early Reading and Reading Comprehension Episodes accessed online adapt to a student’s reading progress to ensure skill mastery.
  • Assessment: Headsprout Benchmark Assessments measure student progress and reading skills while informing you when an intervention may be needed for a struggling student.
  • Reporting: Headsprout and Raz-Plus Reports dashboards display relevant information about whole-class or individual student progress with specific reading skills and activity completion.

The Language Arts Collection

Get the most comprehensive language arts instructional materials with Raz-Plus, Writing A-Z, and Vocabulary A-Z. Learn more >

  • Whole-Class: Vocabulary A-Z customizable 5-day lesson plans guide whole-class instruction in teaching vocabulary in context.
  • Small-Group: Raz-Plus Literature Circles create book clubs where students use critical thinking and collaboration skills to analyze high-interest books.
  • Independent Practice: Writing A-Z Build-A-Book guides students through the step-by-step process of drafting and publishing their own eBooks.
  • Assessment: Students complete Raz-Plus eQuizzes to demonstrate their understanding of a text.
  • Reporting: The home dashboards of all three products show whole-class and individual student progress with language arts skills.

The Complete Collection

The complete collection combines all of our products—Raz-Plus, Writing A-Z, Science A-Z, Vocabulary A-Z, and Headsprout—to empower you and your students with resources that allow student choice and collaboration, modeling and support, and options for independent learning. Learn more >

  • Whole-Class: Raz-Plus Argumentation Skill Packs help students build key critical thinking skills as they learn to analyze and respond to arguments, identify evidence, and more.
  • Small-Group: Science A-Z I.Files (Investigation Files) encourage students to collaborate while close-reading texts give them clues in solving a scientific mystery.
  • Independent Practice: Headsprout Early Reading and Reading Comprehension Episodes provide online reinforcement of key reading skills introduced in the classroom.
  • Assessment: Raz-Plus High-Frequency Words Assessments evaluate how well students recognize common sight words.
  • Reporting: The home dashboards of all six products show whole-class and individual student progress with language arts skills.

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