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Our Latest Product Updates and Features

At Learning A-Z, we’re always working to make our resources the best they can be. We’ve collected our latest product updates and features here so you can see what we’ve added and improved recently! Check back for future updates. If you don’t have access, be sure to grab a complimentary trial of any product for two weeks. Click on any of the logos shown below to jump to that product section and view updates for those specific resources.

Reading A-Z
Science A-Z
Vocabulary A-Z

Reading A-Z

  • Meaningful Conversations
    A comprehensive and culturally responsive social-emotional learning resource that helps educators safely address important topics through inclusive and respectful classroom dialogues.
  • NWEA MAP Growth Instructional Connection
    Pair Reading A-Z texts with scaffolded instruction to support data-driven instruction.
  • Literacy Curriculum Map
    Ensure consistency across your curriculum with a standards-aligned, content-based pathway.
  • SEL Resources
    Search "SEL" today to easily locate hundreds of appropriate resources to support your instruction.


Science A-Z

  • Explore Investigation Packs
    Group science activities that help students develop the 21st century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. 
  • Google Classroom Roster Import
    Save time creating your class roster by importing your Google Classroom roster directly into your Learning A-Z account. 
  • Distance Learning Packs
    Distance Learning Packs make it easy to provide families with resources for students to continue learning science anywhere, anytime.
  • Kitchen Science Videos With the Wise Family
    Join the Wise family to explore science activities you can perform at school or at home.
  • Science in the News
    Engages students in the ever-changing world of science. Articles address current events in multiple areas of science, as well as technology and engineering.
  • Seasonal Avatars
    Students can earn limited-time seasonal items for their avatars.

Vocabulary A-Z

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