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Great Holiday Weekend Reads

Leveled Books for Labor Day

Just because students will be out of school on Labor Day doesn’t mean they can’t continue reading! The long weekend is a great time to relax with a good book and ease into the fall semester.

Raz-Plus has leveled books in printable and digital formats, so you can print books for students to take home, or they can access books on their iPads, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. As students read digital books, they can stay engaged by using eTools for highlighting, taking notes, or marking passages or words.

Check out book recommendations for each grade level and encourage your students to start reading today!

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

I Am A Community Worker leveled book

I Am a Community Worker

This book gives students examples of jobs that serve the community and teaches students how to determine author purpose and use declarative sentences. Also available in Spanish.

Amazing Places To Work leveled book

Amazing Places to Work

This title features photographs of workers in amazing environments, while supporting early readers as they learn about comparing and contrasting. Also available in Spanish.

My Uncle Is A Firefighter leveled book

My Uncle is a Firefighter

This personal narrative follows a girl named Tillie who visits her uncle, a firefighter, at work. Students will learn about the equipment firefighters use and what happens when an emergency call comes in.

3rd-4th Grade

The Gossip Monster leveled book

The Gossip Monster

Students will enjoy this story of a young girl who spreads rumors and realizes how hurtful her actions can be. This text supports skills like character analysis and sequencing events.

The Secret Service leveled book

The Secret Service

This is a great read for students who wonder about the people in dark coats and sunglasses who protect the President. Students will learn Secret Service history and how the agency has changed over time.

Yee Haw The Real Lives of The Cowboys leveled book

Yee Haw! The Real Lives of the Cowboys

Students will get a chance to learn about what life was really like for the cowhands of the Old West. With historical photographs, this book shows students the hardships and dangers of cowboy life.

5th-6th Grade

Hollow Kids Series books

Hollow Kids Series

All of the books in the Hollow Kids Series are packed with mystery and adventure. After students immerse themselves in the strange events at the Hollow, they will keep reading to see how the series ends!

Life Of Cesar Chavez leveled book

Life of Cesar Chavez

As one of the most famous union leaders of the twentieth century, Cesar Chavez worked toward creating fair and equitable working conditions for farm workers. Also available in Spanish.

Spoiled Sports The Dangers of Steroids leveled book

Spoiled Sports: The Dangers of Steroids

This book explains how the desire to be the best drives athletes to ruin their reputations by taking steroids. Students will learn about what steroids are and how they affect the human body. Also available in Spanish, Ukrainian, and Polish.

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