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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month, which spans from September 15th to October 15th, is a celebration of Americans who identify as Hispanic or Latino and whose ancestors came from Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and Spain.

A tradition that started in 1968, Americans use this month to pay homage to the contributions made by Latino Americans and to celebrate the important accomplishments and positive impacts Hispanic culture has had on the United States.

Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z offer resources to help you engage your students in learning and celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at all grade levels.

Grades K-2 – Spanish Songs and Rhymes / Canciones Y Rimas

Authentic Spanish Songs and Rhymes books are a fun way to introduce students to Hispanic culture and tradition. With songs such as "Las manañitas" (the classic birthday song) and other traditional songs like “De colores,” and “Cucú, cucú, cantaba la rana,” students will be immersed into engaging rhythms and colorful illustrations.

Grades 2-5 – Books for Hispanic Heritage Month (all available in both Spanish and English)

  • Grade 2 – Sonia Joins the Supreme Court discusses American role model Sonia Sotomayor’s path to becoming the first Latina Supreme Court Justice. Check out the associated worksheets on reading strategy, grammar and mechanics, word work, and promoting higher-order thinking.
  • Grade 3 – Cesar Chavez: Migrant Hero introduces students to the life of Cesar Chavez and how he led a nonviolent movement for the dignity and fair treatment of U.S. farm workers. This book is supplemented by additional worksheets and lesson plans.
  • Grade 5 – Famous Hispanic Americans: A Proud Heritage introduces readers to ten famous Hispanic Americans who have made a significant impact in the United States in the fields of art, science, sports, entertainment, and government. This book is supplemented by a guided reading lesson plan, common core supplement, and worksheets for comprehension, grammar and mechanics, word work, and promoting higher-order thinking.

Graphic Book – Cesar Chavez and the Delano Grape Strike

Graphic Books allow students to explore nonfiction topics in a visually appealing format with accessible text. Visual learners, as well as reluctant, struggling readers will enjoy this book about Cesar Chavez and one of the most significant strikes in United States history. Use this Graphic Book with Cesar Chavez: Migrant Hero at Level Q or The Life of Cesar Chavez at Level Y.

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