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Headsprout for Personalized Reading Instruction

Every classroom needs an effective, dependable reading resource that students look forward to using and that teachers can rely on for assessment and accurate progress monitoring. Headsprout is a research-proven, adaptive reading program that tailors learning sequences to student reading skills. It’s also easy to use: just install the Kids A-Z app and let your students start learning! Read on to see how Headsprout can benefit your students and be sure to download samples that you can use to preview books before students read them online.

Independent Practice

Headsprout’s online reading episodes keep students engaged with independent practice. Every student’s reading journey involves smart-error correction that ensures student mastery before moving on and animated sequences that motivate students to continue practicing new skills.

Early Reading Episodes help students move to developing comprehension skills for a variety of subjects. These 80 online lessons take a non-reader or beginning reader up to a mid-second grade reading level in less than 30 hours of instruction. After completing these episodes, students will have a fluent knowledge of more than 90 phonetic elements and more than 100 sight words.

Reading Comprehension Episodes help students move to developing comprehension skills for a variety of subjects. These episodes teach vocabulary and guide students in making inferences, finding facts, and identifying themes and the main idea.

Assessment and Reporting

Before students start with Headsprout, a placement assessment determines their entry point into the program. The students continue with Headsprout’s adaptive reading episodes and complete benchmark assessments along the way. You will get an automated progress report that helps you measure student reading gains and adjust instruction to better address student learning needs.

Headsprout is like having a multitude of different reading groups going simultaneously in your classroom, and it is proven to work. See why Headsprout is one of the world's top reading programs.

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