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Gear Up For Summer Reading!

Teachers are always planning ahead, so you may already be thinking about activities to keep your students learning during the summer. Here are some resources to check out as you prepare for a fun and engaging summer.

High-Interest Books

Raz-Plus offers leveled books in digital, printable, and projectable formats that appeal to a range of students. From the colorful illustrations and humor of Graphic and Comic Books, to the drama and suspense of our Serial Books, Raz-Plus has thousands of books for students to enjoy during the summer. The resources below are great additions to any summer curriculum:

  • Serial Books, Hollow Kids Series: One of our most popular series, it follows the adventures of a group of friends who solve mysteries behind the happenings in a haunted forest.
  • Content Area Reading: Books about Art and Music, Social Studies, Math, Science, and Social Studies keep students reading about topics they enjoy while gaining content knowledge.
  • Themed Nonfiction Series: These books center around a specific themes such as Countries Around the World, Spectacular Sports, World Landmarks, Giants of the Animal World, and Trip on a Latitude Line. They’re also great for cross-curricular activities in geography, history and science.

Interactive Reading

If you’re looking for resources that keep students motivated with independent reading activities, Headsprout provides adaptive, online reading practice that readers at every level can enjoy. If your reluctant readers need additional support for the summer, Headsprout is an effective intervention: its adaptive reading program takes non-readers and beginning readers to a mid-2nd grade reading level in 30 hours of instruction. Students reading at or above grade level can enjoy more advanced lessons in which they practice close reading and textual analysis. The gameified structure of Headsprout ensures that students at every learning level can stay motivated to learn independently as they earn rewards for completing episodes.

Group Projects

To make your summer curriculum more engaging, mix up independent and large-group activities with small group projects that encourage your students to learn from each other. Here are a few options from Raz-Plus:

  • Literature Circles: Students will love opportunities to engage in organized debates and to interpret a text from multiple perspectives as they answer discussion questions and complete comprehension activities.
  • Project-Based Learning Packs: Students take on roles such as scientist, artist, business owner and historian to answer a Driving Question and present their findings to the class. With resources for investigation, teamwork, planning and presentations, PBL packs encourage students to create their own knowledge on a topic or theme.
  • Close Reading Packs: With exciting fiction and nonfiction topics, these packs encourage students to read and analyze texts in a collaborative setting. Students practice note-taking and re-reading skills as they work to answer a Central Question.

Want to try Headsprout and Raz-Plus before making your summer plans?

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