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How to Use Corporate Matching Programs to Fund Your Classroom or School

Shrinking school budgets cause teachers to spend more and more of their own money to buy resources for their students each year. If you’re one of the many educators looking for an alternative to spending your own money, consider starting your own fundraising drive with a focus on corporate matching funds.

Corporate philanthropy is an often overlooked source of school funding. When corporate employees donate to a cause and inform their company about the donation, the company can match the funds, double them, or in some cases, even triple the employee’s donation. By supplementing individual donations with corporate matching, you can ensure that students get the learning resources they need without you having to pay out of pocket.

Here's what you need to know before starting a fundraiser that makes the most of corporate philanthropy.

Get Noticed

In order to start raising money, donors first need to know who you are, who your students are, and what learning resources will benefit your students. One of the best ways to start getting the word out is to create a profile with AdoptAClassroom.org, a 501c3 education fundraising website that connects schools with potential donors. After completing a profile with information about your students and the kinds of resources they need, you can send friends and colleagues a link that they can share through social media to get others involved. The more you share your link and information about your funding needs, the more likely you are to reach a wider pool of funders.

Don't Be Shy!

Make the first move. If there is a large company in your school’s area, contact its Community Relations Manager to discuss your fundraiser. He/she can

  • Outline how their corporate matching program works.
  • Share information about your fundraiser with company employees.
  • Inform you about upcoming philanthropy events that you and your school can participate in.

Get The Word Out

Here are some ideas about who you can contact to ensure your fundraiser gains the momentum it needs.

Students' Families

Students’ Families

During school events, remind parents and guardians that employers may match their donations to your fundraiser.

Family Members

Family Members

Don’t forget about your aunts, uncles, grandparents, and siblings who may work at companies that offer matching funds.

Friends and Neighbors

Friends and Neighbors

Your extended networks can find out more about fund matching at their workplace while spreading the word about your fundraiser with their colleagues.

How Learning A-Z Can Help

Learning A-Z is dedicated to empowering teachers with the quality resources they need to reach every student. Because many teachers and principals lack the funding to get the resources they need, we are coordinating with charitable organizations and fundraising platforms to make it easier for you to access the Learning A-Z educational resources that will benefit your students.

If you’re a principal, teacher, or administrator, see our AdoptAClassroom information page to learn more about how to create your AdoptAClassroom.org profile today.

You can also visit our Funding and Grants page to see listings of organizations that provide education funding.

Find out about the ways that corporate philanthropy can benefit your classroom or school.

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