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Announcing the Winners of a Recent Avatar Writing Contest

817 Hong Kong Students Submitted Essays

We always love hearing from teachers about how they’ve creatively used Learning A-Z resources to engage students in their classrooms. And we were thrilled to be asked to judge the talented finalists in this Hong Kong-based Raz-Kids avatar writing contest!

Encouraged and supported by their enthusiastic teachers, more than 800 students from 15 Hong Kong schools participated in the writing competition. Each of them wrote a creative essay about their own personally designed avatar, explaining why their avatar is special and describing the avatar’s unique and useful abilities. The effort put into each essay was extremely impressive, and the results were amazing!

Narrowing the essays down to a small group of winners was challenging for the judges, as all the entries were wonderful. A panel of judges at Learning A-Z headquarters in Tucson reviewed the finalists and awarded the winners, and we are so excited to present them here!

Winners for Grades 1–3

Champion: Ng Cheuk Kiu

Planet Protector

Ng’s avatar is named Planet Protector. With his ability to fly, he takes people on trips around the planet to observe the effects of climate change, educating them about what’s happening and what they can do to help save the environment. Ng’s essay ends by pointing out that the avatar is like him “because we both care about the environment and want to find a solution to climate change. I don’t have superpowers like him so I have to use my ‘people powers’ to save the world.”

First Runner-Up: Ishanka Chandak


Ishanka’s avatar is named Lucy. A powerful kung fu fighter, Lucy is also a gymnast, dancer, and musician. Her superpowers include flying, invisibility, and super speed, all of which help her protect others from danger. Ishanka’s essay about Lucy ends by saying: “She is caring, responsible, resilient, and respects others and our mother nature just like me. Lastly, I want to be a kung fu fighter like her.”

Second Runner-Up: Katherine Agnes Liaw


Katherine’s avatar is named Cindirobie. A ballerina and painter, Cindirobie also holds an object which looks like a small birdhouse… but is actually a time machine. She uses her time machine to help others by taking them into the past to visit loved ones, or into the future to prevent global disasters. Katherine points out that Cindirobie “helps bring harmony, friendship, and peace to people, which makes her an admirable character.”

Merit 1: St. John

Captain Cool

John’s avatar is named Captain Cool. A kind-hearted robot, he has gemstones encrusted into his legs and feet which give him superpowers to protect the universe and heal the sick. John’s essay about Captain Cool ends by saying: “He is a robot with healing power, and I am just a little boy. I might not have super powers, but I can make people feel better with my kindness and love.”

Merit 2: Quentin


Quentin’s avatar is named Rainy. A pet-rescuer robot who comes out on rainy days, he looks like a regular boy and has a kind heart. His assistant, the duck who lives in his umbrella, can communicate with all animals. On stormy days, he uses his magic umbrella to fly around locating pets in trouble. His superpower glasses help him see through storms and his “map cap” shows him the way.

Merit 3: Tara Tam


Tara’s avatar is named Wonderbeauty. A young girl who becomes a superhero, Wonderbeauty’s incredible combination of superpowers includes telekinesis, x-ray vision, invulnerability, magic, superhuman strength, teleportation, and invisibility. Tara takes care to observe that Wonderbeauty is “still exploring what kinds of superpowers she has.”

Merit 4: Asher Chew

Captain Slimy Lava

Asher’s avatar is named Captain Slimy Lava. Asher describes the robot as “super slimy.” Captain Slimy Lava helps the people in trouble who are found by his trusty pet rabbit, who hops around doing reconnaissance for him. If there’s an emergency, his antennas beep and his heart shines brighter. He flies up into the sky so he can “drop hot lava on the bad people and not hurt any good ones.”

Merit 5: Akiela Lim


Akiela’s avatar has “beautiful butterfly wings” and loves gardening, reading, and taking care of animals. Her superpowers include being able to fly at supersonic speeds, talk to animals, turn invisible, tell the future, grow organic vegetables, and use x-ray vision. Because she can communicate with all animals, she can help people talk to their pets.

Grades 4–6

Champion: Emily So Hoi Yiu


Emily’s avatar is named Amelia. The top student in her class, Amelia loves reading and studying. She may not be able to walk, but she loves playing wheelchair hockey in her backyard. She dreams of being able to walk again and of becoming a champion hockey player. Her superpower glasses allow her to communicate with animals, and she can even instruct animals to bring gifts to people.

First Runner-Up: Ho Hoi Yan


This robot avatar is named Joalliana. She loves gardening, especially planting flowers like tulips, roses, and sunflowers. She also plants carrots for her pet rabbit, Fluffy. Her superpowers include flying fast with her butterfly wings. She’s also opening an organic vegetable store to sell veggies inexpensively to poor people.

Second Runner-Up: Belle Woo

ballerina robot

Woo’s avatar is a ballerina robot who’s never without her tutu and ballet shoes. She loves dancing and animals, and keeps a dog called Choco as her pet. She can use her tutu like the rotors of helicopter, enabling her to fly around saving people from danger. Woo says: “In case of a swimmer drowning in the sea, she will pull him up and fly him to the shore with her tutu.”

Merit 1: Lam Ching Shun Snowy

bunny slippers

Lam’s avatar wears bunny slippers that turn into roller skates. Her butterfly wings allow her to rescue injured people and fly them to the hospital at lightning speed. She also delivers mail and packages to the elderly. Lam’s essay points out that her avatar plays with her hamster “during her leisure time.”

Merit 2: Yau Yuen Ching


Yau’s avatar is a ballerina who loves dancing, playing chess, and reading with her penguin friend who’s always nearby. She’s able to turn people into the animal of their choice. When she begins to dance, music magically plays. She enjoys volunteering after school with the elderly and telling jokes to make them laugh.

Merit 3: Layla Wong


Layla’s avatar is named Sally. She lives with Layla after being left behind by a spaceship from Cool Planet. The fastest skater on her home planet, Sally now often goes skating with Layla. She skates so fast, she can accomplish difficult things in just minutes, like cleaning Layla’s family’s entire house.

Merit 4: Jeff Wong

Savior of the Environment

Jeff’s avatar is a “Savior of the Environment” and while he’s dressed in pajamas for comfortable gardening, he also sports a squid hat. His magic spade helps plants grow faster and makes animals immune to natural disasters, while also slowing down the greenhouse effect. He lets farmers borrow his magic spade whenever they need it.

Merit 5: Catherine Ng


Catherine’s robot avatar Jolly looks and speaks just like a real girl. She sings well and loves painting. She’s able to speak magic words that fix broken things, and when she opens her umbrella the sky begins to rain. Intelligent and kind, she comforts people who are sad. Catherine’s essay ends with the question: “Do you think she is awesome?”

Congrats Again!

With so many clever, inspiring submissions, it’s obvious that every participant is exceptionally talented in his or her own way, and that every classroom teacher has offered incredible support and encouragement. We’re gratified to have the opportunity to work with so many dedicated educators and gifted students.

Congratulations to all the winners, from merit to champion. We want to thank each one of you for your amazing abilities and hard work!

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