Experience Reading A-Z: Leveled Books in Action

Part 2 - How Leveled Books and Accompanying Resources Are Used

Reading A-Z is famous with teachers for its library of engaging leveled books. Leveled books can be used in guided reading, or leveled reading, small-group instruction.

Animal Discoveries is a Level R book we're using as an example to show you everything you can do with one Reading A-Z leveled book. Take a quick look, and get some free samples along the way!

RAZ Print The Book

  • Every leveled book is accompanied by a guided reading lesson plan to introduce the book and to model important reading strategies and skills
  • After-reading discussion cards promote critical thinking and collaboration
  • Extension activities link what students have just read to other curriculum areas, such as math, science, and social studies
RAZ Sample book
RAZ Sample lesson

RAZ Project The Book

  • Every leveled book is formatted for digital projectors and interactive white boards, and includes a collection of built-in tools to enhance instruction
  • Reading A-Z's most popular leveled books provide a bonus supplemental Common Core lesson to support skills targeted by CCSS

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RAZ Teach Multiple Levels

  • Many leveled books are offered at multiple levels to support mixed-level classes
  • Group students according to skill level, but introduce comprehension skills and reading strategies to the whole class
RAZ Teach Literacy

  • Leveled books come with up to 4 supporting worksheets on comprehension and other literacy skills
  • Many books include a graphic organizer designed to engage students in the reading process
RAZ sample worksheet

RAZ Assess

  • Each leveled book (levels A-Z2) comes with discussion cards to promote critical thinking, collaboration, and student engagement
  • Multiple-choice comprehension quizzes accompany each leveled book (levels A-Z) to assess how well students comprehend what they just read

RAZ Sample cards
RAZ sample quiz

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