Experience Headsprout: Adaptive Reading Instruction in Action

Part 3 - Sample Instructional Episodes

Headsprout is a one-of-a-kind online reading program that teaches students to become successful readers. When you use Headsprout in the classroom, you have an invaluable tool to improve your students' test scores and teach them the skills they need to become successful readers and successful students. View the sample episodes below to see Headsprout's patented reading instruction in action!

See Headsprout in action!

Headsprout Introducing Sentences Sample Video

Introducing Sentences
In this episode, beginning readers are introduced to sentences. Students independently read a short story and demonstrate comprehension of each sentence in the story.

Inferential Comprehension Sample Video

Inferential Comprehension
In this episode, established readers are taught to answer questions whose answer is not explicitly stated in text. The program shows students how to use clue words to deduce the correct answer.

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