Common Core 2014


This month's "Do More with Common Core Campaign" product focus is on Reading A‑Z's Paired Books.

Paired Books and lessons for grades 1 through 5 provide students with opportunities to see connections and differences across literary and informational texts in three different types of pairings: fiction-fiction, nonfiction-nonfiction, and fiction-nonfiction. With Paired Books, students will:

  • Practice close reading skills
  • Answer text-dependent questions including an overall key question
  • Cite evidence in support of answers
Common Core State Standards and Learning A-Z

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For customers who have both Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids (also known as Learning A‑Z's Reading Solution), Reading A-Z's 1,200+ leveled books are available on Raz-Kids as eBooks. Students can listen to, read, and take a comprehension eQuiz for each eBook. The data collected from each eQuiz is then sent to the teacher, including a score and detail on specific comprehension skills missed.

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Deepen your students' level of text comprehension and guide them to higher levels of thinking by: 1) making comparisons across text, 2) responding to text-dependent questions, and 3) seeking information to answer a key question. The focus of this month's "Do More with Common Core" webinar series is Reading A-Z's Paired Books:
  • How Paired Book lessons can support higher-level thinking
  • Where Paired Books may fit in your instruction
  • How to support students in gathering evidence from their reading
  • Ideas for working with small and whole groups

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